Product Artist Lionel Theodore Dean sits at the intersection of art, craft and design challenging traditional boundaries and definitions of practice. He employs the virtual realm as a creative playground where time plays a part and artefacts exist with past and future states. This is a space in which ephemeral designs exist beyond the physical constraints of material or process. The resulting artefacts are at once familiar and yet strange, exhibiting formal structure while defying the patterns and logic associated with industrialisation: the flora and forna of an alien landscape.

FutureFactories Studio founded in 2002 and focused exclusively on 3D printing, has yielded a string of iconic designs ranging from gallery pieces to retail products for well-known manufacturers. The significance of the work is perhaps illustrated by acquisitions by MoMA, The Museum for Modern Art in New York and DHUB, Design Museum Barcelona for their respective permanent collections. In 2008 the MoMA piece was included in a ‘Highlights Collection’ of the Museum’s 250 most significant acquisitions since 1980.